How to: PSP Go Tethering To Mobile Phone using Bluetooth

2 How to: PSP Go Tethering To Mobile Phone using BluetoothHello everyone,
in this video i show you guys how to use the bluetooth on the PSP Go and connect it to a mobile phone, and be able to go on the internet and Playstation Store, using just your mobile phone, no router needed. the connection is really slow, so unfortunatly you wont be able to play any online games when connected to your Phone through Bluetooth.

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Duration : 0:4:47

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25 Responses to “How to: PSP Go Tethering To Mobile Phone using Bluetooth”

  1. SonicFreak4 says:

    Error 802F0(or an o …
    Error 802F0(or an o?)140(or an o?)

  2. SonicFreak4 says:

    Mine won’t pick up …
    Mine won’t pick up my droid.

  3. chinoten15 says:

    hay any one wanna …
    hay any one wanna game share with me (no scams) sind me a message i have like 20 games (psp 7 psx 11) so sind meh a message and we kan swap info
    NO SCAMS!!!
    i have psp go so i only have playstation network games and im only looking for other “PSN” games

  4. wiidood says:

    does it cost …
    does it cost anything to use the internet

  5. willmill77642 says:

    @maryumUAE also …
    @maryumUAE also dont know how to spell i see

  6. maryumUAE says:

    i dont no how 2 use …
    i dont no how 2 use enternet !!!

  7. mastermind024 says:

    it wont work on my …
    it wont work on my blackberry

  8. privatepyle216 says:

    you know if the …
    you know if the tethering will skyrocket the phone bill?
    I’ve got at&t too, and they always find something to charge me for

  9. AneeshDe says:

    If you can’t play …
    If you can’t play online, what’s the point? If the only reason to tether the PSP is to browse is to browse the net, it’s a COMPLETE waste, cuz it’s make more sense to just use the phone browser. It’ll probably be way better.

  10. 23149008796185 says:

    please help me! …
    please help me! when i click on obtain from bluetooth modem my psp keeps saying, A connection error has occured.(802f0140) Why does this happen! please message me. help!

  11. DGK345 says:

    wtf i git a error
    wtf i git a error

  12. Bumblewasp44 says:

    @Senseney07 does it …
    @Senseney07 does it work with all phone?

  13. XXxSkAte1212XxX says:

    when i connect to …
    when i connect to internet with bluetooth is says a error

  14. Nick64884 says:

    thank you
    thank you

  15. NikoBelic4 says:

    what about virgin …
    what about virgin mobile

  16. africansquad007 says:

    i have a psp go …
    i have a psp go why i cant send music or vids ?

  17. bojo000 says:

    does it works on …
    does it works on iphone?

  18. sheldz1999 says:

    is it free
    is it free

  19. ang264monique says:

    does the phone have …
    does the phone have to have internet

  20. heloimutube says:

    is it free?
    is it free?

  21. nonoycontillo says:

    Can someone tell me …
    Can someone tell me what a dsl number is and where can I find it in my phone

  22. chevy1539 says:

    is it free or do u …
    is it free or do u have to pay threw ur phone bill ??

  23. mannyochoa50 says:

    How?long do game …
    How?long do game downloads take please?anser

  24. candymike4u says:

    my phone says …
    my phone says paired but not connected, what should i do?

  25. youngchris209 says:

    so my phone dont …
    so my phone dont have internet so iwont work rtight

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